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IEB IEB Student Internship or Volunteer Program

University and even high school students are often searching for meaningful work and life experience.  IEB Programs can provide this opportunity in a variety of ways and places.  Here are some examples:

Internship and Volunteer Positions

  • Teacher assistant

  • Teacher

  • Curriculum developer

  • Writer

  • Translator

  • Graphic artist

  • Website designer

  • Singing teacher/ vocal group director

  • Musical composition, recording, performance

  • Drama teaching and direction

  • Club office management

  • Parent relations

  • Child counselor

  • Teen counselor

  • Academic research assistant

We have had young people from U.S. higher learning institutions working as curriculum developers, graphic artists, program developers, and assistant teachers.  From China, we currently work with volunteers from several of the top universities.  These help with teacher assistance, graphic design, musical arrangement and recording, translation, video editing, and charitable projects to help poor children.

We need volunteers and interns during the summer and winter breaks to help in student vacation camps and teacher training sessions, which occur during these times.


At present we can offer these opportunities in China and the U.S.  We hope to soon offer these opportunities also in more countries.


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